Oil Spill Away

Fuel Oil Clean up and Odor Removal

SpillAway+ Bioremedial Absorbent Powder

  Quickly Absorbs and Dries Heating Oil on Concrete                               Absorbs and Remediates Oil on Soil, Sand and Gravel

  Fast Acting Hydrocarbon Absorbent                      
  Multi-use absorbent with bio-remedial microbes for hydrocarbon spills. This product absorbs & degrades oil, fuel and petroleum
  hydrocarbons into harmless, environmentally safe by-products.

  Easy to use - simply apply powder to spill, let stand a 30-60 seconds and sweep up!
  Absorbs faster than ALL other absorbents. Bioremedial microbes digests and eliminates hydrocarbons without recycling.

  Just one 10 lbs. absorbs as much a 100 lbs. of granular clay absorbent.



        Available in convenient 10 lb. jugs and 25 lb. pails

FleetKleen Bioremedial Cleaner and Degreaser 

  Industrial Strength Cleaner & Degreaser for concrete floors, cement, stone and all hard surfaces. FleetKleen™ contains enhanced
  micro-organisms and powerful bio-cleaners that will effectively and economically clean dirt and oil from flooring, indoor and outdoor concrete,
  vehicles and equipment. 
  Unlike standard degreasers, FleetKleen™ uses microbes to digest oils from waste water creating no environmental impact.

  NO Pressure Washer Required !  May be used with a "pump type" sprayer or any household spray bottle.


                                                             FleetKleen™ is available in (1) gallon and (5) Gallon containers.
                                                  Highly concentrated and Economical 1:20 formula makes 21 gallons after dilution.